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Bresaole and slinzeghe

In our farmhouse we make Bresaola and slinzeghe following farmers' traditions from Valtellina. We don't use preservatives or other chemicals, we let the real taste of bresaola be brought by high quality meats and natural flavors.

salame salame

Salami and cacciatorini

For our cured meats we still follow an almost 100 year old recipe passed down from generation to generation. We take careful attention first in the upbringing of the kettle, then in the processing of the meat and the spices used. The finished product delivers ancient flavours and unique genuinity.

pancetta pancetta

And much more...

May it be pancetta, mortadella, cotechino or coppa... all our cured meats have a history and evolution that gets checked in everyday in our cellar.

carne fresca carne fresca


The freshness, flavours and tenderness of our meats is the consequence of a careful breeding. Calfs are suckled by cows insted of chemical products, high quality hay and large spaces where animals can move is the winning recipe of our meats.

Small berries

… but full of flavour! In the summertime nature gifts us beautiful blueberries and raspberries that we use to make desserts, cakes, liquors or to eat them as they come.

carne fresca carne fresca


May it be blueberries, raspberries,pears or apricots... or even red onions, cucumbers or cherry tomatoes every occasion is perfect to make jam.


Our cooks are never tired of baking... from pies, to honey or berry cakes, to Bisciole or shortbread biscuits... There is something for everyone.