flyemotion albaredo flyemotion albaredo

Adventures in Albaredo

5 minutes from our farmhouse there is Albaredo per San Marco, a village full of attractions for the daring. You can fly with fly emotion, whizz in the middle of the wood on the new rail zip or climb up trees in the Aerobosco. Ready for an adrenaline rush?

cavallo cavallo

Horseback rides

There is nothing better than a horseback ride on the lake of Como to find peace. You will have the opportunity to visit the beautiful Pian di Spagna reserve in Colico while riding beautiful horses.

arrampicata arrampicata


In the neighbouring Val di Mello and Valgerola there are hundreds of climbing spots for every skill level, from rocks to do bouldering, to beginners' paths, to professional ones. In Valgerola, on the Denti della Vecchia you'll also have the opportunity to take paths we've traced in 2004.

rafting rafting

Rafting and Kayaking on the Adda river

If you're looking for adventures you can't miss a rafting or kayak trip on the Adda river. The river changes in different spots so you can choose which way to go, depending on if you're planning on a family adventure or an adrenaline rush.

mountain bike mountain bike

Mountain bike

The territory of southern Valtellina and northern Como Lake is the perfect spot for bikes' enthusiasts. Thanks to ancient mule traks, trails and forest roads the only limit is your imagination. If, on the other hand, you prefer going on chill trails, thanks to the Valtellina trail you can go from lake Como up to Bormio biking through the terraced land from where Valtellina's famous wine comes from.

E-bikerental MondoE-bike

surf e kite surf e kite

Windsurf e Kitesurf

The winds in our valley give life to a magical scenary on Lake Como, filling it up with colourful sailing boats and surfboards. Thanks to intstructors and renting places you can also try the beutiful sport that is surfing.

ponte nel cielo ponte nel cielo

Ponte nel cielo

In the neighbouring Tartano you can see a breathtaking view while crossing a rope bridge that is 234 meters long and is suspended at 140 meters. This makes it one of the longest and highest robe bridges in Europe.

sci alpinismo sci alpinismo

Ski mountaineering

The valleys that surround us have plenty of different ski mountaineering trails for every skill level and preference. The only thing left to do is putting seal skin under your skis, turn on your avalanche beacon and leave on an adventure.

sci e snowboard sci e snowboard

Ski e snowboard

For those that prefer a traditional approach to winter sports the neighbouring Valmalenco and Madesimo will always offer you perfect slopes. Are you ready to leave your mark?

trenino rosso del bernina trenino rosso del bernina

Bernina's red train

The most wonderful trainride of your life. A journey on the alps that will surprise and fascinate you at every turn. Travelling through the Bernina glacier, from the beautiful Valposchiavo to the famous St. Moritz.

bormio bormio

Bormio spa

If your goal is relaxing you can't miss a day at the Bormio Bths. They've been known since the roman age, so it won't just be a dive in the water but in history aswell. All of that in the name of relax.

livigno livigno


You can't miss a trip to the famous 'Little Tibet'. The neverending ski slopes or the numerous trekking or mountain bike trails, shopping or simply... the landscape. The diamond of Valtellina.

bormio bormio

Mountain walks

The neighbouring Albaredo, Valgerola, val Tartano and val Masino offer a large amount of trails for any skill level. From family walks to harder trekking exploring Orobic and Rhaetian Alps.

valtellina valtellina

Events in Valtellina

There are numerous activities all year round in our area. The celebration of Bitto cheese at its Fair, or the open wine cellars where you can enjoy many wines of our tradition; village fairs one after the other. There's always a great excuse to spend time in Valtellina.